Pest Control Long Beach – How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Pest control Long Beach gets more difficult when dealing with fruit flies. These are some of the most notorious pests you will ever get to combat. They breed fast and can survive even after eliminating fruits and vegetables from the infested site. The battle against the fruit flies requires both patience and persistence. You may also want to consider working with pest control companies Long Beach. Below are a few points you should consider to effectively deal with the infestation.

Eliminate fruits and vegetables
The first step in the control of fruit flies is to remove fruits and vegetables from the open. Fruit flies are attracted to rotting fruits and vegetables. Anything that is oozing liquid, broken, overripe and left in the open will lure fruit flies in. You have to dispose these items immediately or lock them away. Bagging these products in sealed garbage bins will go a long way in the control of fruit flies. You must also clean all the juices.

Replace the old dishrags and mops
Old mops and sponges may be the cause of the fruit fly problem. They offer amazing breeding grounds for these insects. Their smell will further lure the pest in. Most pest control companies Long Beach will recommend that you replace these items as a way of preventing the infestation in the near future.

Cleanliness is mandatory
Keeping your house as clean as possible is the key to getting rid of the fruit fly problem. You have to keep the dishrags and mops super clean. Making up your mind to clean dishes as soon as you are done using them will further help combat the problem. Juices and wines must also be sealed tightly and spillage wiped. This will help keep the fruit flies out. Needless to say, once these pests get into your living space, getting rid of them can be quite difficult. Why not keep them away.

Set vinegar traps
Killing the adults will help eliminate the fruit fly problem. One way of doing this is by setting Cedar vinegar traps. Fruit flies are attracted to anything that is fermenting. Placing vinegar traps will help eliminate a great number of these pests.

Fix drains
Another thing you have to consider in pest control Long Beach is to fix the drains. These are breeding grounds. Fixing slow drains will help reduce the breeding rate thus reducing the population of these pests. Cleaning the drains regularly will also help control the menace.

Seal food
All foods should be sealed. This will help repel these pests that are looking for fermenting organic products to feed on. The lids have to be sealed tightly and all spills cleaned.

Work with the experts
The control of fruit flies is not as direct as you may want it to be. If you feel the infestation is overwhelming, the best way forward is to hire an exterminator. There are many pest control companies Long Beach that specialize in the fruit fly control. Leverage on their experience and expertise.

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