Pest Control Long Beach – How to Get Rid of Spiders in Long Beach

Pest control Long Beach becomes essential when you are up against spiders. These are tiny creatures that are not only scary but have the potential to cause death. This is more so when you think about the black widow. It is highly recommended to get rid of the spider problem as soon as you notice it.

Why spiders bite
Spiders are tiny creatures that rely on their bites when hunting. Their bites contain venom which paralyses or kill their prey. Spiders will also bite in self-defense. More often than not, a spider will bite you in self-defense especially when you accidentally invade its space. Spiders will seldom attack animals that are larger than them. However, they can make a prey mistake and end up biting a finger or any of your body parts.

Signs of a spider bite
Not all spiders are poisonous. However, you need to seek help from pest control companies Long Beach when you spot them in your home. The non-venomous spiders will bite and cause pain that lasts between 5 and 60 minutes. For the venomous spiders, the pain can last for hours and even days. The rate of bacterial infections after being bit by a spider is as low as 0.9%.

Symptoms of a spider bite

  • Headache
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Labored breathing
  • Shaking

How to handle a spider bite

  • Stay calm so as to keep the heart rate down
  • Identify or catch the spider. This will help determine the right antidote
  • Clean the bite site with soap and cold water. Dry the area without rubbing
  • Use ice to numb the bite area
  • Apply topical anesthetic
  • Seek medical assistance

How to get rid of the spiders from your home
There are over 30,000 known species of spiders but only 100 of them are capable of causing bites and just 2 of the 100 have venomous bites. Pest control Long Beach when dealing with spiders will give you the much deserved peace of mind.

To get rid of spiders, the first step is always to identify the species you are up against. Spiders have varying habitant preferences. Identifying the spider in your home will help pick out the right pesticide. Wolf spiders are common since they don’t hide. The brown recluse spiders are venomous and hide out alone.

Once you identify the spider, you need to select an insecticide from a reputable brand. Recommendations from experts from pest control companies Long Beach can help find the right product to use in treating the spider problem in your home. Alternatively, you can hire the experts to handle the problem on your behalf. This is a great idea if the infestation is extremely high.

How to prevent a spider infestation
Learning how to keep the spiders out is the key to avoiding the spider bites completely. You need to do the following:

  • Keep the house clean
  • Reduce the clutter in and around your home
  • Control the moisture levels
  • Use pesticides
  • Kill spiders using a broom and clear their webs
  • Use proper storage methods
  • Clear vegetation around your house
  • Replace the outdoor lights with yellow sodium lights

Pest control Long Beach

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