Pest Control Long Beach – How to Keep Pest Control Products from Contaminating Your Water

Pest control Long Beach has to be done with care in order to prevent secondary problems. One of the most common problems is water contamination. Chemicals contained in pesticides can easily be swept by rain water and into waterways. Some may even be dispersed into water bodies or containers. Needless to say, water contamination can lead to a number of issues. This is why taking care not to pollute the waters is an important thing that ought to be done. But how do you do that?

Pick the right pesticides
When the wrong pest control products are used, the chances of water contamination become high. This is because if you are using the wrong pesticide, it will only be a waste and will not work on the pests you are trying to eliminate. The use of the wrong pesticides will cause you to use an excess amount of the pesticide in order to eliminate pests that may seem to be resistant to the product. When shopping for pesticides, you should purchase one that is specific to the pest you are up against and one that is safe for the environment. Liaising with pest control companies Long Beach will further guarantee you get the best product.

Proper mixing
With most pesticides, you will have to mix them with other chemicals or with water. Improper mixing can lead to the contamination of water bodies. You have to use the right proportions and dispose of the unused chemicals in the right way. The same goes for loading pesticides into pumps. Spillages will cause contamination.

Watch out for backflows
A backflow is where the water losses pressure and starts to flow back to the source. If the water has chemicals in it, it will end up contaminating the source. Investing in a good valve (anti-siphon) will help prevent contaminations due to backflows. This is more so in irrigation.

Follow the procedure
There are instructions on the label of the pesticides you plan on using. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations keenly. The wrong use of pesticides, even those designed for termite control Long Beach, will cause significant problems to both you and the environment.

Store pesticides correctly
How you store pesticides will further determine whether you end up polluting the environment or not. Pesticides need to be stored in tightly sealed containers and out of the reach of children. Make sure that the container is not leaking before you store it away.

Proper disposal
Before discarding containers that held the pesticides, you have to triple rinse them. Dispose them in a tight plastic bag.

Conservation buffers
The conservation buffers help intercept and trap chemicals before they get to water ways. This is used in farming. Native grass is normally planted together with shrubs. The grass acts as the buffer that keeps chemicals from getting to water bodies.

These are just some of the things you ought to do to keep pesticides from contaminating water during pest control Long Beach. In addition to that, you should always consider working with pest control companies Long Beach. They are more experienced and better equipped to prevent water contamination.

Pest control Long Beach

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