Pest Control Long Beach – What is a Horntail?

Pest control Long Beach often involves dealing with horntails. These are also called wood wasps. They belong to the Siricidae family that has 150 non-social species. The size of the horntail is about 1 inch in length. It has a dark brown color and yellow stripes on its wings and abdomen. There are long thin appendages on at the ovipositor. The ovipositor is the main unique feature of the horntail. This wasp uses its ovipositor to lay eggs. It does not sting.

Why are they pests?
One of the key reasons why pest control companies Long Beach recommend that you control these insects as soon as possible is because of their destructive nature. The horntails develop in wood. They will hence leave holes on the wood. Their homes are constructed in wood and you will often find them exiting the wood in which they have built their home. The exit hole has a diameter of about ΒΌ inches. The wood wasp will use its ovipositor to deposit eggs deep in wood. The larvae will then chew through the wood causing a wooden structure to weaken.

The horntail has a lifecycle of 1 to 3 years. You should note that this wasp will not construct its new home in its former home. It will move on to a new wooden structure. Needless to say, this habit can be quite destructive.

Horntails will not infest seasoned lumber. If you find them in this lumber, it is obvious that they were already in the lumber before construction. Their long lifespan is what makes it hard for contractors to notice them. You will only notice them on poor grade lumber that has not been seasoned properly. You will also find the horntail in both soft and hardwoods. They can also be found in stored or fetched firewood.

Tips for control
In pest control Long Beach, there are several methods that you can use. The first step is to make sure that these creatures never get to your home. You should consider kiln dried wood. This hampers the development of the horntails.

Pesticides can also be used. This is ideal if you already notice these pests roaming around your home. You can liaise with pest control companies Long Beach to find the right pesticide. An expert will further educate you on how to effectively get rid of these creatures.

Hire an expert
When push comes to shove, it never hurts to work with pest control companies Long Beach. The best thing about working with an expert is that you get to eliminate the trial and error that often causes the cost of pest control to go extremely high. You will also get services that guarantee results.

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