Pest Control Long Beach – What is the California Ground Squirrel?

Pest control Long Beach should be considered when you notice the presence of the California ground squirrel. This is a common pest that is brownish-gray in color and has cream spots and flecks on its back. It is distinguished by its gray color which stretches from the head to the middle of the back. Its shoulders and side of the head have lighter gray colors. This creature is about 18 inches in length and has a bushy tail and white underside.

Pest control companies Long Beach understand the behavior of these rodents better. They are found mainly on open fields, lightly wooded areas and pastures. The main diet of the California ground squirrel is plant parts. This includes flowers, leaves, stems, berries, fruits and seeds. The creature will also feed on small animals and insects.

The California ground squirrel mates in early spring after emerging from hibernation. It has a gestation period of a month. The female will have a maximum of 8 babies in its nest which is built in the ground or in piles of rock. The babies leave after 8 weeks.

It is good to note that unlike other rodents, the California ground squirrel is more active during the day. It is diurnal. It lives in sizeable colonies although it tends not to socialize. Other than that, they can share a burrow but the burrow will have different entrances. You will mostly find the burrow under logs, trees or in rocks. This squirrel is capable of climbing trees but it will spend most of its time on the ground.

Problems caused
The California ground squirrels are quite a nuisance. Their feeding habits tend to cause immense problems to both plants and the environment. These pests live in holes. This means they will dig holes in your yard. What is more is that they can get into your house.  At this point, pest control Long Beach becomes inevitable.

In addition to that, the California ground squirrel will cause health problems when the population increases. These rodents contaminate crops with excrement and urine. These creatures also carry fleas, lice and other diseases like bubonic plague. The holes they dig further increase the risk of injury. The good news is that you can easily control these rodents.

There are several methods that can be used in pest control Long Beach when dealing California ground squirrel. The first step is to fill the holes. This hampers the settlement of these pests. You can cover the holes using soil or rocks.

You can also use pesticides to kill the rodents. Choose the organic ones. Another option is to work with pest control companies Long Beach. The exterminator is equipped to deal with the California ground squirrel.

Pest control Long Beach

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