Pest Control Long Beach – What is the Hobo Spider?

In pest control Long Beach, you will get to deal with the hobo spider. This is a spider in the funnel web spiders’ genus. It is a spider easily mistaken for the Australian funnel-web spider. In North America, this is the smallest spider which bites. The spider also constructs a web that is funnel shaped. The web is used for trapping other insects. Because of its poor eyesight, the hobo spider is pretty aggressive. It will, however, not attack a human unless it is crushed accidentally. The venom of this tiny spider will cause significant local pain and may also lead to times necrosis.

The first thing pest control companies Long Beach will do is to make sure you are after the hobo spider. In appearance, this spider has a leg-span that doesn’t go beyond 2 inches. Its abdomen has 2 distinctive zigzag patterns which stretch to either sides of its abdomen. You will mostly see this spider running across your floors. The color of the legs is even.

Pest control Long Beach is sought after mainly because of how painful the bites of this spider are. Although the bite is not fatal, it may lead to tissue death. Always bring the spider that bites you when going to the hospital. The bite of the hobo spider can easily be mistaken for that of a brown recluse spider.

The pain from the bite may go away within 30 minutes. However, there will be hardening on the local site. You will also see a red welt and this may blister after 12 to 48 hours. More often than not, this will become a wound. At times, the bite may cause serious tissue damage, something that may mandate surgical removal of the dead tissues.

Common symptoms
People experience varying symptoms after being bit by the hobo spider. The main symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Vision impairment
  • Temporary memory loss

Controlling the pest
When it comes to the control of the hobo spider, the first thing pest control companies Long Beach will do is to identify the spider. This is something you should also do. To avoid being bitten, wear gloves. The best control method is considered to be the use of traps. There are so many traps to choose from. Make sure that you use one that works on the hobo spider. The trap should be placed in the path of the pest.

The second method is that of dousing the hobo spider with pesticides. The spider needs to be hit directly with a large dose of the pesticide. The pesticide you end up buying should also be safe to you, your household and the environment. You should only use the product that is engineered specifically for the hobo spider.

The third option is that of working with an exterminator. There are so many pest control companies Long Beach that are ready to help with virtually any pest problem. The best thing about working with the experts is that you get to do away with the guesswork.

Pest control Long Beach

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