Pest Control Long Beach – Which Scorpions Can Kill?

Pest control Long Beach is now focused in the control of scorpions. They have become common house pests more so because the conditions in houses favor them. Scorpions love hiding in dark areas which are safe from direct sunlight and safe from predators. What is more is that these creatures can also crawl into cracks or holes and live comfortably in them. They have 8 legs and are distinguished by their pair of grasping claws. What makes control mandatory is the fact that these creatures can sting and 25 of the 1000 known species contain venom which can kill a man.

Scorpion sting
All scorpions have venom in their sting. Stinging is the scorpion’s primary defense weapon and they also use them when hunting. The venom contains a combination of compounds which help kill specific prey. The work of the venom is primarily to paralyze prey so that the scorpion can feed on it. The scorpion is able to regulate the amount of scorpion it injects into its victim.

Most of the scorpions with venom potent enough to kill human beings fall in the Buthidae family. First aid for the scorpion sting is usually symptomatic and includes the use of strong analgesia. Hypertensive symptoms that may result from the sting are usually treated using anxiolytics and vasodilators. It is because of these scorpion stings that you should always contact pest control companies Long Beach once you notice an infestation in your house.

How to kill scorpions
The nonlethal control and prevention methods may not yield good results. If this is the case, you will have to kill the scorpions. There are several methods you can use.

  • The first option is to use a hard object to hit the scorpion. You need to do so from a safe distance since scorpions can move very fast in defense. A single blow might not be enough to kill the scorpion so you need to be prepared to hit it several times.
  • The second option is that of using pesticides. There are so many products you can use on the market when it comes to pest control Long Beach. The key is to make sure that the product you are considering is engineered for killing scorpions. You have to spray directly on the scorpion as well as the areas you suspect scorpions might be hiding in. don’t forget the entryways.
  • Another method you can use is that of purchasing a chicken or cat to feed on scorpions. A chicken or a cat will hunt down the pests on feed on them.

When push comes to shove, you need more reliable options. That is working with pest control companies Long Beach. This is a good option if the infestation is extreme or if you don’t know how to deal with the problem. Working with an exterminator will bring lasting results and guarantee the problem never recurs any time soon.

Pest control Long Beach

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