Termite Companies Long Beach – Why Do Termites Come into Your Home

Termite companies Long Beach understand how important it is to keep inspecting a property for termite problems and acting fast on the problem. However, for most homeowners, they only act when they notice the damages being caused by termites. This is the worst approach to termite management. For better results, monthly inspections have to be scheduled and the problem handled immediately. In this post we shall be focusing on the top reasons why termites are coming to your house.

Search of food
The first reason is because termites live in colonies. There are workers in the colony whose work is to search for food. The workers travel far and wide and will settle whenever they find food. If your home has wooden structures, then it has a good source of food for them. Absent regular inspections, you will never learn of the problem until it is too late. The reason for this is because the termites bore tunnels through the wooden structures they are feeding on. Termite control Long Beach requires that you inspect every part of the house and pay attention to the early signs.

The main signs of an infestation included:

  • Temporary swarm of winged termites in the house or from the soil around the house.
  • Wood that sounds hollow
  • Discarded wings from the swarmer
  • Bubbling or cracked paint/frass
  • Mud tubes on wooden beams, exterior walls or crawl spaces

Easy access
Another reason why termites will come into your house is when there is easy access. Termites don’t necessarily come in through the foundation. They will even come in through the spaces beneath your door or window. They also use cracks. Sealing off the entry points is an important step when dealing with termites.

High humidity
How high are the humidity levels in your house? High humidity levels will make the conditions suitable for the survival of termites. Termites have a weak body which is easily harmed by dry air and direct sunlight. That is why they remain hidden most of the time. Dealing with the humidity level will do a lot in dealing with the termite problem. You can do the following things to reduce the moisture problem:

  • Repair the leaking water pipes, faucets and the A/C units
  • Remove excessive wood mulch and plant cover
  • Seal entry points to water and utility pipes or lines
  • Keep the down-spouts and gutters clean
  • Divert water away from the foundation

Overpopulation in the nest
When the colony is overpopulated, some of the termites will be forced to move out and start their own colony. During the migration, they might end up nesting on your property. A termite company Long Beach will help you destroy the entire nest so that you achieve permanent results.

Peaceful environment
Last but not least, if you don’t disturb the termites once they get on your property, they will thrive. Regular inspections are a must when it comes to termite control Long Beach. You have to deal with the termite problem immediately.

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