Termite Control Long Beach – Easy Methods You Can Use to Get Rid of Termites from Your House

Termite control Long Beach requires the use of a combination of solutions. You have to kill the termites that you can see and also destroy the colony that is hidden underground. Failure to do so will lead to a recurrence of the pest problem every now and then. If you have a termite infestation in your house, there are several methods you can use to get rid of them.

Eliminate moisture
Termites thrive in areas with high humidity. The best solution you can use in termite control Long Beach is to eliminate the moisture problems. You can do this by draining stagnant water, using dehumidifiers in rooms with high humidity, fixing leaks, sealing the entry and connecting points around the utility pipes and airing the basement and crawl spaces.

Termite bombs
This is a pesticide fogger which is a pressured can that contains liquid pesticide. The pesticide is used as a fog to settle on surfaces. It can kill termites immediately. Most termite companies Long Beach recommend this solution. The shortcoming of this solution, however, is that it doesn’t penetrate deeply into the infested wood. It is not a perfect solution mostly because it will not destroy the entire colony.

Wet cardboard trap
Although tedious, this is a great solution you should consider when dealing with termites. With this solution, you use a cardboard that is wet and smells like wood. Termites love cardboard and will infest it immediately. Place the cardboard trap on the path of termites then burn it as soon as termites infest it. This has to be repeated many times. Even though it is not the best solution, it will help reduce the population of termites in your house.

Boric acid
This is a solution for people looking for a natural solution in termite control. A termite company Long Beach may even advice you to use this solution. Boric acid is effective because it damages the nervous system of termites. It is a great solution for combating termites that are nesting in your furniture.

Neem oil
This oil is extracted from Neem tree. It is safe and very effective on termites. It will keep termites from eating and laying eggs. Downside is that this solution only works if termites ingest the Neem oil. You need to apply the solution several times.

White vinegar
This solution works best when dealing with termites in one area. You can enhance the effectiveness of white vinegar using lemon juice.

There are many more solutions you can use in termite control. However, if the infestation is extreme, it is wise to involve the pros. Termite companies Long Beach will see to it that they get rid of the termite problem once and for all. Hire from a company that has a good reputation for delivering results.

Termite control Long Beach

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