Termite Control Long Beach – How to Kill Termites without Using Pesticides

Termite control Long Beach is one thing you cannot afford to postpone. Out of all the pests that disturb homeowners, termites are more dangerous because of their ability to single-handedly destroy the foundation of your home within a few years. To get rid of them from your house, you need to start by tracking them down and then using tested extermination techniques. In this post, we will be examining a few extermination techniques you should consider using when dealing with termites.

Cardboard traps
This is a great strategy you can use although it is a bit tedious. The good news is that it will not harm your pets. With this technique, you need to get a few strips of cardboard. They need to be wet and stacked on each other. Place them close to the area where you suspect there are termites. Termites feed on cellulose (cardboard). The cardboard will hence be a great spot trap. Check back after a few hours and if the cardboard is infested, you should take it out in a safe area then burn it. You need to repeat this process to achieve the results you need in termite control Long Beach.

All in all, it is good to note that this strategy will not solve all your termite problems. This is basically a quick fix and works best when you have some time to spare. The good news is that it can help you remove hundreds of termites at a time. For better results, you have to combine this method with other techniques including working with termite companies Long Beach.

Beneficial nematodes
The beneficial nematodes are basically un-segmented worms. They are small in size and the natural parasite to garden pests. The nematodes will search for hosts like termite larvae and burrow in them. They will cause the death of the larvae within 48 hours. The local garden supply store will have the beneficial nematodes. You can also shop online. If your soil temperature is above 60 degrees F, you need to use nematodes as soon as you buy them. If you don’t use them immediately, store them inside a refrigerator. The beneficial nematodes should be planted after sunset or in the early morning. UV light harms them.

Expose infested wood to sunlight
Another method that a termite company Long Beach will recommend is that of exposing the infested wood to sunlight. This works best if the infested item can be removed from the house such as furniture. You need to place the infested items in the sun on a sunny day. Leave it there for as long as possible even if it is for three days. This strategy can also be used with the cardboard method. After capturing the termites, you can expose them to the sun.

Freeze them
During the rainy season, exposing infested wood to sunlight will be impossible. In this case, you can consider freezing the termites. You can place the infested wood in a large freezer for a few days.

There are many more solutions you can use to kill termites without using pesticides. However, if your approach doesn’t seem to bear fruits, you should consider working with an exterminator.

Termite control Long Beach

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