What is a Woodworm?

Pest control companies Long Beach get to deal with many cases of woodworm infestation. However, in most of these cases, homeowners have no idea of what woodworms are. Failure to understand the pest is what causes the problem to advance before the homeowner seeks helps.

Woodworms are pests which make up for significant damages in wooden structures. The most common sign of an infestation is the presence of holes on wooden structures. This is cause mainly by the larvae of the beetles. Beetles make larger holes as they emerge to mate.  Learning a little more about woodworm will help you be better prepared for pest control Long Beach.

Common furniture beetle
The most common species of the woodworm in Long Beach is the common furniture beetle. These are beetles that attack wooden structures including furniture. To identify their presence, you need to look for small and round holes that are left on the surface of the timber. You will also find bore-dust around the holes. The diameter of the holes is about 1.5 to 2 millimeters. The size of the adult common furniture beetle is approximately 3 to 5 millimeters in length. Its thorax is distinctive since it gives the beetle the monk-like hood.

Other types
Other common types of woodworms in Long Beach include:

  • Powder-post beetle
  • House longhorn beetle
  • Deathwatch beetle

According to the pest control companies Long Beach, managing the Deathwatch and the House Longhorn Beetle is the most challenging. You need specialized help. Needless to say, these are the two most destructive species since they have larger larvae.

Challenges of dealing with woodworms
Identifying the woodworm species is definitely one of the main challenge people faces in pest control Long Beach. To effectively control the pest, you have to know what species you are up against.

Second, determining whether the infestation is dormant or active is never easy. You cannot tell if the holes or bore-dust is fresh or not. More often than not, you learn of an infestation when it is already late.

Replacing the damaged timber is the most effective treatment method in pest control Long Beach. Replacing the damaged timber is important because the holes weaken the timber. Replacing the timber will not only strengthen the structure but also ensure that the woodworms have been eliminated completely.

The use of insecticides is also a great option. Insecticides will kill the woodworm. Alternatively, you can spray or paint the affected timber. A thick layer of paint will suffocate the larva which is embedded in wood.

Professional help
Dealing with a woodworm problem can be challenging. This is why you have to consider the option of working with pest control companies Long Beach. The best thing about this option is that it will give you access to professional services that are based on professional experience and solutions that have been tested.

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