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    At Ronin Pest Control, we specialize mainly in the control, extermination and the removal of 23 different kinds of pests. If you are having a problem with any of the pests listed below, then we are your best choice for residential, commercial and industrial pest control services. Can’t see the pest you are up against in the list? Give us a call; we are here to help.


    Ants can get into your building through the tiniest of cracks and nest almost anywhere. When a single ant finds a source of food, the rest of the colony will follow. This is thanks to the ants’ ability to track each other by scent. To effectively control these resourceful creatures, you have to treat the entire property. If left untreated, the colony will repopulate fast in a new nest rapidly.


    Centipedes prefer shelters that are lightly damp. You will mostly find them under leaves, rocks, mulch and wood. When in small numbers, they will be a good neighbor. However, once their population grows, they pose a myriad of problems including health risks as they can bite and administer light poison. Both the outdoor and ‘house’ centipedes multiply fast. Clean the potential hovels.


    Earwigs are notorious in infesting water supplies as well as septic tanks. They can make it hard to discover problems during water safety tests. Earwigs will also destroy plants. When it is hot and dry outside, they move to human structures such as your business or home. They sustain themselves by feeding on any kind of fruit, vegetable or plant matter.


    Bees will cause your guests to be hesitant when visiting your home or business. Allergic reaction to the bee venom can also be fatal. Spraying the nests to eliminate bees will not guarantee total control. The hive or honeycomb will repopulate. Bees are resilient in protecting the queen which means control is not only dangerous but there is a good chance the queen will survive to repopulate.


    Rats eat practically anything and will cause significant damage in your home or business. They also spread disease. They are a serious nuisance that needs to be controlled as soon as possible. Baiting, trapping and poisoning rats are just the beginning. You will need regular maintenance and a solid strategy for preventing access and nesting in your home or business.


    A cricket infestation is either annoying or extremely aggravating. They make noise for no reason and this will keep you awake all night. The noise may also command the attention of your guests. Most crickets are hard to find. They may also contaminate food.


    These pests are harmless but their invasion after a storm is frankly amazing. They invade in large numbers. These creatures are attracted to mulch and wood. They feed on bugs and are only beneficial for the garden but not your home or business. With years of experience handling these pests, we know how best to get rid of them from your home.


    Flies are both annoying and dangerous. Some flies will bite while the majority of them will breed in your food supplies. Without professional services in pest control, most restaurants fight a never ending battle with flies. How about competing with the flies on who will take the first bite of your meal. Naturally, flies will breed in garbage. This means no business is completely safe from fly infestation.


    Mice are not easy to control. They are fast on their feed, breed fast and burrow in boxes and squeeze through the smallest of cracks. They are famous for eating through almost anything that gets in their way. They are also clever to hide the damages while their nests grow. They will also contaminate food.


    Grasshoppers may be harmless to you but they will surely ruin your garden, lawn and the landscape. They breed fast and their size will grow to a size that intimidates humans as they approach.


    These present a very serious problem more so to your business. Most people are afraid of these insects. Some customers will never step into your business if they see wasps hovering by. Wasps create multiple nests and they are good in hiding their nests and will do so even in walls.


    Ticks are a nuisance especially for homes or businesses with animals. There are many varieties of ticks but one thing they have in common is that they are blood-sucking parasites. Some will even transmit blood-borne diseases. Using toxins, some species will shut the immune system or nervous system of their victims. What is even scarier is the fact that ticks are able to detect poisons and know how to evade insecticides. These instincts make ticks harder to control. Improper control can even cause ticks to get deeper into your property.


    You probably have dealt with this creature at one point in time. It is a disease carrying, mass-spawning, all-consuming nocturnal colony critter that you don’t want to see. If you spot one cockroach, there is a good chance there are more of them hiding within your home or business. They hide almost anywhere; inside stored items, under structures and other places you might never have thought of. Attention to detail and thoroughly treatment is needed to get rid of this pest.


    This pest will mostly affect your plants. It is a menace for nurseries, gardens and houseplants. These creatures are very persistent – that is until you get professional help from us.


    Moths pose more problems that people think. They can be annoying, eat your upholstery and clothes and it may be a health risk. Their destruction begins at birth when they start causing major damages to leather, fur and organic based items. They mostly go for the items that have been stored in the upper floors.


    Spiders are creepy to look at and some are even dangerous. Knowing the species you are up against is important before you start treating them. Although some species are beneficial to your home because they feed on insects, they are still pests. If you feel you can no longer manage the problem, we are here to help you get rid of these pests for you.

    These pests seek out organic debris and trash. The best thing is that these pests do not cause any health problems. They will also not breed as rapidly. The downside is they are unsightly and they smell awful

    Fleas a nuisance and they reproduce really fast. They also carry blood-borne diseases. It only takes one flea to start the flea problem in your home or business. You can bring them to your home in clothes or luggage or on your person. These creatures feed on organic debris and will attach themselves on people and animals. A flea problem will cause you to lose business. Pets suffer the most from the problem. To kill the pest, you have to use a combination of pet-safe and human-safe treatments. All the eggs needs to be destroyed too.


    These are small insects that can be a serious problem mostly because of their small size and the noise they make. Their bites are itchy and they also spread blood-borne diseases. Mosquitoes are a major menace because they breed rapidly and go undetected until the infestation is severe.

    Silver Fish

    This half-inch long pest feed on starch and mold. It will mostly destroy books and light fabric. They prefer warm, damp areas but can also be found anywhere. Prevention includes the use of proper ventilation, fans, dehumidifiers and structural repairs. We offer these services to complement our pest control services.


    Scorpions are nocturnal hunters. These creatures can be dangerous. Most of the species are no more poisonous than wasps. However, there are breeds that have venom that is potent enough to kill a human. You will mostly find scorpions hiding under mulch, wood piles, straw piles, wood chips, under rocks, in synthetic flower beds and in the storage areas. They prefer the dark and sheltered areas. Scorpion control is a multi-step and multi-ingredient process.


    These are common during the wet seasons but will infest anytime. They feed on decaying organic matter; trash, yard refuse, wet wood and freshly cut grass. They are unsightly and can easily push customers away.