Pest control companies Long Beach – What are Earwigs?

Pest control companies Long Beach strive to understand the pest they are up against before they come up with a plan. You should consider doing the same. The purpose of this post is to help you learn more about the earwigs.

Earwigs get their name from the belief that they burrow themselves in the ears of people. Although this might be true, earwigs are controlled because of their pincers. These creatures have pincers on their back which they use in self-defense and for capturing prey. There are over 20 known species in the use. Their sizes range from 0.5 to 1 inch in length. The nymph stage looks like the adult only that it lacks wings.

Generally, earwigs are slender insects with a pair of wings. Some will release a stinking liquid to repel prey. These pests also have a scent. Their scent is what causes earwigs to live together in large groups. If you spot an earwig problem in your home, you may be up against a lot more. Pest control Long Beach should always start with a thorough inspection of the house.

The best time to deal with earwigs is during the night. This is the time when they are most active. They prefer damp areas and will also be found under rocks and logs. You can also find these creatures hiding under mulched flowerbeds.

Earwigs feed on insects and plants. They will burrow in the ground during winter or simply move into human dwellings. The insects lay their eggs in the burrows. The female will care for the eggs until they hatch. She will also care for the nymphs until they can fend for themselves.

In Long Beach, the earwigs will be attracted mostly by light. These insects are mostly a nuisance during summer. They will fill your porch and patio in the evening. In the morning, you will find them gathered under things like cushions. The earwigs will move into your house when they are searching for food and protection from adverse weather conditions.

Whether you are working with pest control companies Long Beach or alone, you need to know where these pests hide. They love humid areas like laundries, kitchens and bathrooms. You may also find them in other rooms more so when the infestation is extreme.

How to control them
The first step in the control of earwigs is to eliminate their hiding spots. You will need to keep the house clean and dry. You should also move the landscape logs, decorative stones, timbers and firewood piles further from the house. Your backyard should be free of mulch and any other decaying organic matter. The tree and shrubs should be trimmed. Clogged gutters will offer great hiding spots for these creatures. The same goes for blocked waterways. Adjusting outdoor light will also help. Last but not least, you should use insecticides. This is more so if the insects have settled.

Hire professionals
When push comes to shove, you need to work with an exterminator. There are many pest control companies Long Beach that you can work with.

Pest control companies Long Beach

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