Pest Control Long Beach – How to Get Rid of the Black Widow from Your House

Pest control Long Beach can be hard if you are up against the black widow. This is a common spider in homes. What is ever worse is the fact that it bites. It will also cause a mess in the house because of its tendency of building erratic shaped webs. What is more is the fact that although they are unaggressive, these creatures are creepy. They can cause great discomfort in homes. To effective treat them; you need to start by understanding them.

Identify them
The first thing you have to do is to learn how to identify the black widow. Doing so will enable you to determine the best way forward in pest control Long Beach. The female is usually black in color and has an underside that is shaped like an hourglass. Its body length is about half an inch. The adult male is half the size of the female and has a lighter body color. The trait that distinguishes the black widow from other spiders is its long legs. Males are less aggressive and are least likely to bite.

The second thing you need to understand is the common behavior of the black widow. The main behaviors that will help you identify a black widow even without help from pest control companies Long Beach include:

  • Webs that are erratic shaped. The webs are irregular in both design and form.
  • Construction of the web in the undisturbed areas
  • Can nest in clothes or shoes
  • Bite in self-defense
  • Hands on their webs with their belly facing upwards

Common nesting areas
You will mostly find the black widow nesting:

  • Underneath boards
  • On plants
  • Under debris and rocks
  • Patio grills
  • Shoes and clothes
  • Air conditioning units
  • On fence railings

Pest control companies Long Beach start their search for the black widow outdoors. However, as the weather changes to cold, these spiders will tend to move indoors. You should be cautious of the items you bring into the house as a black widow might be hiding on or in it.

The bite of a black widow might cause nausea, headaches, perspiration, high blood pressure, labored breathing, muscle spasms and even shock.  Seek immediate medical attention once you are bitten. It is the severity of the bites that makes pest control Long Beach the more important when it comes to the black widow.

There are several methods you can use to control these creatures from your home. Some of the best practices include:

  • Removing or reducing debris on the yard
  • Getting rid of the unimportant items in the house or store
  • Inspecting and clearing webs. This helps destroy the egg sacs
  • Inspecting items you collect from outside before bringing them into the house

Hire an exterminator
When disturbed, the black widow can be very aggressive. Its bites can also be life threatening. This is one you should get the help of an exterminator. There are so many pest control companies Long Beach you can turn to for help with the control of the black widow. Just make sure you pick the company that has the experience and a good reputation.

Pest control Long Beach

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