Termite Control Long Beach – Common Health Dangers Caused by Termites

Termite control Long Beach is mainly considered by most homeowners to prevent further damage to the property. In the United States alone, the damages caused by termites each year are in the billions of dollars. It is only by working fast to control these pests that you will be able to save your structures. In addition to the damage of wooden structures, termites cause health dangers. In this post, we will be focusing on the hidden health dangers most people never think of.

Bites and stings
People consider termites to be harmless. As a result, a majority of homeowners never consider working with termite companies Long Beach. They choose to handle the termite problem on their own. Although controlling the pests on your own is okay, you should note that when threatened, a soldier termite will sting or bite. Yes this bite will not kill you but it will surely cause itchiness, swelling and burning. The bite will be worse if you are predisposed to allergic reactions.

The termite colony is located underground. The few termites you see above ground walking in paths are just the workers whose job is to look for food. To get rid of the pest problem completely, you have to make sure that the colony is destroyed completely. This is something that every termite company Long Beach knows. The termite nest releases particles as well as dust which can easily be spread through the heating and air conditioning system. The contaminants are airborne and will cause irritation to the person with allergies and asthma. The droppings and saliva of termites can also trigger allergic reactions in the sensitive persons or those with a compromised immune system.

Contact dermatitis
Another important point you need to understand about termites is that they produce pellets which are known as frass. These are basically wood-colored particles that look more like sawdust. When the frass touches your skin, it can cause the development of contact dermatitis as well as a range of other allergic reactions.

Mold spores
Termites feed on wooden structure. In so doing, they may cause the structures to decompose. This will in turn cause the growth of mold. This is so because termites prefer damp and humid environments. Mold tends to grow in these conditions. Termites will spread the mold as they move. Needless to say, mold generates spores which can with time collect in the indoor air hence leading to health problems once inhaled. Spores can cause weakness, migraine headaches, sore throat, runny nose, cough and burning eyes.

Termite control Long Beach is very important to prevent structural damages and also to combat the aforementioned health problems. If the infestation is extreme, always consider working with an exterminator.

Termite control Long Beach

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