Tips to Help Get Rid of Fleas

Pest control companies Long Beach understand that from time to time, you and your pest may pick up some friends from outside. The problem is these friends are blood sucking and very persistent pests. As soon as you learn of the invasion, the next thing you want to know is how to get rid of them. If you are up against fleas, there are a number of things you can do to rid your home of these blood sucking creatures.

Keep the house clean
Your first line of defense against fleas is cleanliness. Considering your pets are the main medium fleas use to get into your house, you should consider cleaning their bedding frequently. You have to wash everything that your pets get into contact with. Keeping the house clean is the key to getting rid of the excrements, eggs and dander. Your pet also needs to be bathed with shampoo.

In addition to the bedding of your pets, you must not ignore your own bedding. Fleas will suck the blood of humans too. This is one of the reasons why pest control Long Beach is so important when you are dealing with these tiny creatures. Clean your bedding, bedroom, clothes and furniture. You also need to vacuum your house at least once a week.

Spray insect growth regulator
There is a huge selection of products you will find on the market when you are up against fleas. The problem is not all of them guarantee the results they promise. It is imperative that whenever you are purchasing insecticides you make sure that they are IGR (insect Growth Regulator). The best things about using these products in pest control Long Beach are that they will not only help you eliminate the pests you can see but also prevent the development of the larvae into an adult.

Make sure that you read through the application requirements before you start using the product. When spraying the insecticide, don’t forget about the carpet fibers. These are great breeding grounds for fleas.

It is also okay to use botanical dust that has been combined with Borate acid. This will make a natural insecticide that is safe and very effective in the control of fleas. Dust the carpet, bed, furniture as well as your beddings and those of your pets. Use this product when you are leaving the house for a period longer than 24 hours. Afterwards, you need to vacuum the entire house.

Clear your backyard
Pest control companies Long Beach understand that fleas get into your house from outside. The first piece of advice they will give you is to clear tall grass and foliage. This is because the tall foliage creates a good breeding ground for these pests. All the moist and dark spots need to be exposed. You can use cedar wood chips and Eucalyptus leaves to repel fleas. Don’t forget to spray the backyard with the appropriate insecticide.

Hire an exterminator
If the problem seems too big for you to handle, it is wise to work with pest control companies Long Beach. They have the tools and the knowledge to rid your house of the fleas.

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