Pest Control Companies Long Beach – How to Effectively Remove Bees in Long Beach

Pest control companies Long Beach understand that bees are indispensable. They help with pollination. However, once they settle in the wrong place, they can cause harm and discomfort. They have to be removed. Although there are pesticides that you can use on the bees, this is not the best way forward. Below are some of the best things you need to do when dealing with bees.

Don’t panic
The worst thing that you can ever do when dealing with bees is to panic. When you panic, you will end up making hasty decisions which can cause harm. The first thing you need to bear in mind is that swarming bees will seldom sting. They are usually on the move to new nesting place. During this time, the individual bees carry a lot of honey and will not be able to sting. It is for this reason that pest control Long Beach is considered before the swarm builds a wax hive.

Don’t be in a hurry
If you have never dealt with bees before, you should consider waiting. It takes one to three days for bees to determine if their new nesting place is ideal for them or not. Making the spot unfavorable for nesting is the best thing you can do. You can consider making noise with loud music. However, if they are still on your property after the third day, you need to contact an expert to help with the bee removal.

When to assess
If you want to see if the bees are building a nest on your property, you should do so in early morning and evening. This is the time when they are less active. Bees will be less likely to attack you at night.

Call local beekeepers
Killing bees should always be your last option. Although they can be dangerous, bees are important to nature. When you are up against bees, you should consider contacting your local beekeepers. Beekeepers will help remove the bees for free. They do this by placing a box under the globe then shaking bees into it. They will carry the bees and install them in a new hive. Don’t be alarmed if the beekeeper doesn’t bother with a protective gear.

Contact exterminators
If you cannot find any beekeeper in your area, it is time to bite the bullet and contact the local pest control companies Long Beach. Always start by getting recommendation from friends or beekeepers about the best pest control company in the region. You should also understand their control method and how much the service will cost you.

When dealing with a hive, working with an expert in pest control Long Beach is the best way to go. Settled bees can be very aggressive. Spraying the hive with the most potent pesticide you can find might not even work. To avoid the risk of being attacked, leave the work to the experts. Working with specialists is that you will be able to save endangered bee species. This is because the exterminator first assesses the problem to find the right way to remove the bees. Amateurs will cause a mess.

Pest control companies Long Beach

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