Pest Control Companies Long Beach – What are the Boxelder Bugs?

Pest control companies Long Beach often get to deal with Boxelder bugs. These are true bugs found in North America and on the boxelder trees. The pest is also found on the maple and ash trees. The adult bug will measure about 0.49 inches in length and it is dark brown to black in color. It has red veins on its wings and red markings on the abdomen. The nymph is bright red in color. These bugs feed mostly on the seed of Acer species. You will find these pests mostly in the garage.

Life cycle
Pest control Long Beach is common during autumn. This is when these bugs are in large numbers. You will mostly find them around the Boxelder trees. They can move for more than 2 miles during winter when searching for shelter. The female lays its eggs in the start of the warm weather (April to May). The eggs are usually laid in the crevices of tree barks or in stones, grass, under leaves and in other places that offer cover. The egg will hatch after 11 to 19 days. The red nymph becomes darker as the nymph develops.

The Boxelder bug is a pest when it comes to the seeds of Acer species. They pierce the plant’s tissues when feeding. The pest will also feed on tender twigs, strawberries, developing seeds and leaves. They are also known to feed on cherry, maple, plum, ash, apple, peach and grape. Even so, these pests are not a menace in agriculture.

One of the key reasons why most people contact pest control companies Long Beach to help with the control is because of the creepiness of these bugs. Their physical appearance is quite scary to most people. When in the house, you will find them in the cracks and openings in walls. These are the places they seek shelter during the cold season.

How to control
The first option you can use in the control of the Boxelder bugs is to eliminate their sources of food. Eliminating the Boxelder trees will discourage the female from reproducing thus averting the problem. All the hiding spots should also be eliminated. This includes tall grass, piled boards, rocks, leaves and debris. You must also ensure that you have door and window screens installed and closed at all times.

The second option is that of using insecticides. This is the ideal option if the removal of tress or other vegetation will be impractical. There are several products you can choose from on the market. Seek recommendations from pest control companies Long Beach. They will keep you from using the wrong product.

The third option is that of allowing the experts to do the work for you. The best thing about this option is that it guarantees lasting results in pest control Long Beach. Hire an exterminator who is licensed and experienced to do the work.

Pest control companies Long Beach

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