Pest Control Companies Long Beach – What is a Carpenter Bee?

Pest control companies Long Beach often get to deal with carpenter bees. These are large bees that are found almost all over the world. There are over 500 species of these bees that are known to man. The name of these bees come from the fact that the species build their nests burrowing which is dug in dead wood, bamboo or structural timber. These bees were discovered back in 1802 by a French entomologist known as Pierre Andre Latrieille.

The carpenter bees have a shiny black body. The upper abdomen is hairless and there are yellow colored hairs on its midsection. Unlike the bumble bee, the carpenter bee lives in the ground and nest in wood. These bees have a tendency where females live as sisters or daughters. This results in the creation of a social group. The bees use wood bits to form partitions in their nest. In pest control Long Beach, it is good to note that the bees are usually close to the surface of the wood. The damages they cause are hence minimal.

The carpenter bee is a great pollinator. Other than that, they are solitary bees with most living alone and not in social nests. All in all, even the solitary bees will build their nests close to other bees. After cohabitation of the female, there is some division of labor within the nest. These bees will create tunnels in the wood as they create nests. The tunnels are distinguished by their perfect circle which is approximately 0.63 inches in diameter. The carpenter bees will not feed on wood.

Pest control companies Long Beach start their search on beams, under the benches and on tree limbs. These are the main areas where you will find the nest of these creatures. The carpenter bees use tunnels in the wood for storage and as a nursery for brooding.

How to get rid of them
If left undisturbed, the tendencies of the carpenter bees can cause structural problems. Even though they are harmless, you need to control them before their numbers grow. There are basically three methods you can use when it comes to the control of these bees.

  • Pesticides

The use of pesticides is the option most homeowners turn to. In pest control Long Beach, you should focus on the pesticides that are in dust form. They are more effective. This is because the dust will remain on the wood hence increasing chances of killing other bees upon contact. Liquid products will dry up or be absorbed quickly into the wood.

  • Repellents

There are natural repellents pest control companies Long Beach can recommend. Some of them contain plant oils that repel the carpenter bees. You can further mix repellent with either paint or water. The good news is that most repellents will serve you for as long as two years or even more.

  • Exclusion

This is a method in which you seal the holes made by carpenter bees. You should do this in late spring since females lay eggs in summer. Sealing the holes with the eggs in the holes will only lead to the formation of more holes once the eggs hatch. You can seal using paint, caulking, polyurethane coat or wood.

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