Pest Control Companies Long Beach – What is the Wind Scorpion?

Pest control companies Long Beach have the training, access and tools you need to get rid of just any pest problem. Even so, it is always a good thing to learn a few things about the pests you are up against. The wind scorpion is one of these pests.

The wind scorpion is a predatory arachnid that is closely related to the spider. It is also referred to as a camel spider or the sun spider. Despite its name, you should note that it is neither a scorpion nor a spider. It just closely resembles the two. You will mostly find this creature in arid areas.

The wind scorpion is usually about ¾ to 1 ¼ of an inch in length. It is yellowish brown in color. Its abdomen is rounded but lacks a stinger. This is what separates it from the spider. It differs from spiders in that it doesn’t have venom glands and it cannot spin webs. You should also note that the wind scorpion does not have pincers. It has pincer like jaws and legs that look like legs that are attached to its head: pedipalps. Pedipalps are used for capturing prey and passing foot to the jaws.

In pest control Long Beach, it is good to further note that the wind scorpion has four pairs of legs but it will only walk on the last 3 pairs. The fourth pair is used as feelers. The creature gets its name from the fact that its long legs enables it to run swiftly just like the wind.

The wind scorpion feeds on insects, spiders and other small creatures like lizards. It is more active at night but you will also spot it moving around during the day on roads and paths. If your house is not well-guarded, these creatures will get in. They hide under such objects as stones. The female is able to lay 50 eggs within a burrow that has been dug in the soil. She will then guard the burrow until the eggs hatch.

The wind scorpions can be menacing. This is why most homeowners choose to work with pest control companies Long Beach instead of handling the problem on their own. These creatures will get in your house when searching for food. They have a fierce look but they will only bite in self-defense when you provoke them. The best thing is that their bites contain no poison they hence don’t cause any serious injury.

When it comes to the control of wind scorpions, you have to approach them with care. The use of chemical products should be the last option. This is because the wind scorpions are beneficial in that they control the population of other insects. Consider the nonlethal pest control Long Beach methods. One method is that of trapping the wind scorpion in a jar and then throwing it outside.

Another method you should consider using in the control of the wind scorpion from your home is to pest proof your home. Seal all the entryways. Installing a working door or window screen will also help. Alternatively, you can seek professional help from pest control companies Long Beach.

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