Pest Control Long Beach – What are Aphids?

Pest control Long Beach will often require you to go after aphids. These are small insects with very soft bodies. Their mouth parts are long and slender. They feed on leaves, stems and other tender parts of plants. Their diet is the fluid that is sucked from the plants. Virtually all plants have an aphid that feeds on them. Even though they only affect plants, aphids become a nuisance when their numbers increase.

The first thing that pest control companies Long Beach will do when dealing with these pests is to make sure that they are really dealing with aphids. Aphids are found in a wide range of colors which include brown, green, black, yellow and red. Some species of aphids appear waxy or wooly. This is mostly because of the waxy secretion they give from their body. All the species of aphids are small but with long legs, long antenna and are pear shaped. Most of the species also have rear projections that are tube-like and are known as the cornicles. It is this cornicle that distinguishes these insects from others.

The adult is usually wingless although most of the species of aphids take winged forms. The winged aphids are able to disperse when their population gets high or when the supply of food is scarce. Although you will also find these insects singly, they mostly feed in large groups. When they are disturbed, aphids will not move rapidly as it is the case with plant bugs and leafhoppers.

Life cycle
Aphids can bear several generations in just one year. Most of the species will reproduce asexually with the female giving birth to live offspring. A female can produce up to 12 live offspring. The nymph will shed its skin 4 times before it becomes an adult. When in warm climates, a nymph can get to the adult stage in just 7 days. This is why pest control Long Beach should be considered as soon as possible since an adult can produce about 80 offspring within a week and without having to mate.

Problems caused
A moderate number of aphids will not be a problem. However, once the population increases, it can be disastrous to a garden. Overpopulation will lead to curling, distortion as well as yellowing of the leaves. The shoots of plants may also be stunted. The honeydew produced by these insects will cause the growth of mold fungus. Some species of aphids have the ability to inject toxins in plants. This may affect growth. Some will also transmit viruses to various plants like vegetables and ornamental plants.

Management pest control companies Long Beach should be contacted as soon as you notice aphids. Waiting too long may cause their population to increase thus causing a myriad of issues. Use pesticides as a last option.

In the management of these pests, the best way forward is to spray the affected plants with water. You should also cut back on the use of fertilizer and prune away the severely affected parts. If you must use pesticides, follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

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