Pest Control Companies Long Beach – What are Cliff Swallows?

Pest control companies Long Beach are often contacted by homeowners when dealing with the cliff swallows. But what exactly are these pests? The cliff swallows are beautiful birds that nest in huge colonies on cliffs, under bridges or on buildings. Their population increases spontaneously hence the need to manage them as soon as the problem starts. A single colony can be made up of hundreds or even thousands of these birds. All in all, during control, you should understand that harming these birds is not permitted. You need to look for more humane control methods.

Are you really dealing with cliff swallows? Identifying these birds is crucial before you search for a solution in pest control Long Beach. Cliff swallows are identified simply as song birds. The bird is small in size and has long wings. The wings are somewhat pointed and the beak is small. The throat of these birds has a dark color whereas the tail is square. The juvenile will resemble the adult with the main difference being that it is brown instead of blue-black on the back and crown. The throat has variables of dark or pale colors.

Problems caused
It is obvious that these birds will not cause bodily harm but why should you contact pest control companies Long Beach when you start noticing them? The main reason why these birds are controlled is because of the mess they cause paired with the noises. These birds sing with thin squeaking twitters that you cannot get used to. This noise is even more unbearable when they are in large numbers.

Because of their droppings, these birds will contaminate water and foodstuffs. Their nest is made of mud which means it will cause a mess when it falls to the ground.

These pests also cause health issues. Their nests will have parasites. The pests will include fleas, ticks, mites and bugs. Needless to say, these pests will surely harm you when they bite. In addition to that, the presence of the cliff swallows in your home will attract other pests.

Considering harming these birds is not permitted, the best way forward is to hire pest control companies Long Beach to help with the problem. If you don’t want to do that, you have to use methods that are nonlethal. The methods include the removal of the nests and exclusion. This method will only disperse the birds. You have to get a permit before you start removing the nests. The permit specifies the method that should be used in the control of these birds.

Exclusion is a more permanent solution. You don’t need a permit for this. To avoid breaking the law, you should work with a professional when using this control method.

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