Pest Control Long Beach – Pantry Pests, what are they?

Pest control Long Beach is focused on the control of pantry pests when a household uses processed or dried food products. These are pests that are found in the packaged foods. You can find them in dry pet food, cereal, corn starch, flour, bird seed, spices, dry pasta, fruits and any other dried or processed food product. These pests are also referred to as the stored product pests. The group is made up of many insects. The most common insects in this category are the cigarette beetles, Indian meal moth and saw-toothed grain beetle. These are pests that live in the dried/processed food and they will breed endlessly if they are not interrupted. More often than not, the presence of the pastry pests in the house is a sign of poor housekeeping.

How they get in
When you contact pest control companies Long Beach, the first thing they will do is to inform you of the ways these pests get into your living space. These pests are brought in through packaged food products that they have already infested. They can also crawl in from outside. An infestation will start with just a few insects then the population will explode when the insects have access to food. The pests are found near the sources of food and they can breed several generations in just one year.

Are they a danger?
The pastry pests are not a danger themselves. Their activities will, however, cause problems. They also cause unwanted expenses when they damage food. Finding them flying or crawling around will make you uncomfortable.

Signs of infestation
The main sign of an infestation is the sight of these pests in the house. The tiny beetles and months will be seen flying. You should consider pest control Long Beach as soon as possible since these pests reproduce rapidly. Another sign is the sight of span webbing around food and on packaging. You will mainly see these pests where you store food.

How to control them
Contacting pest control companies Long Beach is the most recommended option when you spot pantry pests in your home. The reason for this is because the experts have access to the right tools and chemicals and they have the experience and skills needed to get rid of these pests once and for all. With this option, you will be able to save time and money.

If you choose to control these pests on your own, the best way forward is to start by identifying the pests. You want to use a solution that is specific to the pest you are dealing with. Second, you need to make sure that you seal off all the entry points through which these pests can crawl in. Start by ensuring the door and window screens are working perfectly and that they are closed at all times. Vacuuming your house at least once a week is also a solution that will help with the control of these pests.

Last but not least, always inspect food products keenly to make sure they are not infested or nearing expiry. You should also keep your house clean at all times.

Pest control Long Beach

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