Termite Companies Long Beach – What Really Kills Termites? Home Remedies for Termite Control

Termite companies Long Beach use a combination of strategies when dealing with termites. The reason for this is because there is no one solution that guarantees lasting results. When dealing with termites, you have to use more than one solution. You need to kill the termites you can see and the ones you cannot see. Failure to destroy the nest will lead to a recurrence of the pest problem. With that being said, let’s take a look at the best solutions you can use to kill termites.

Permethrin dust
This is one of the best insecticides you can use to kill termites. The great thing about this product is that it not only yields immediate results but also remains effective long after use. This means in case of diehard pests, the pesticide will still be able to kill them long after the first application. It is also good to note that in addition to termite control Long Beach, permethrin dust also kills a range of other pests which include ticks, ants, bagworms, wasps and ground beetles. This is a favorite chemical used by both professionals and homeowners.

Arsenic dust
Washing off termites is easier with this chemical. The best thing about this product is that if one of the termites gets into contact with the chemical, it will transmit the active ingredients to the other termites. This solution is of a cannibalistic nature. What this means is that the chemical will be transmitted from one dead termite to another that feeds on them. A termite company Long Beach will recommend this solution because it not only destroys the termites in your home but also helps with the destruction of the colony.

Low temperature
An important point you need to remember about termite control Long Beach is that low temperatures will kill the termites. Low temperatures mean 20 degree Fahrenheit. To bring the temperatures down, you will need to use liquid nitrogen. This is a solution you should consider using when the infestation is extreme.

Direct sunlight will kill termites. If your house doesn’t get adequate sunlight penetrating into it, you may keep dealing with termite problems over and over again. Making sure that sunlight penetrates your house will do wonders in the control of termites. Open the windows during the day and draw the curtains to allow the sunlight in. Sunlight will kill the termites naturally.

Flooding will drown termites. This solution will work best when dealing with termites in your garden. If you spot mud-tubes created, you can dig through them and flood the area. Hot water works best.

Last but not least, you can use salt as a natural method of killing termites. Mix equal parts of warm water and salt and fill a syringe with the mixture. Inject the mixture into the affected areas.

These are the home remedies you can consider using when dealing with termites. However, if the problem doesn’t seem to go away, you should consider getting help from termite companies Long Beach.

Termite companies Long Beach

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