Termite Control Long Beach – Natural Ways to Kill Termites

Termite control Long Beach has to be focused on killing the termites. You cannot repel them and expect to get lasting results. If you don’t destroy the entire colony, you will end up dealing with the same pest problem within weeks. This is why the best way forward is to look for ways to kill these creatures. In this post, we shall be taking a look at the natural solutions you can use when dealing with termites.

Expose the area to sunlight
The first option is the simplest and the cheapest. Termites are highly susceptible to sunlight. This is why they hide away in tunnels or underground. Exposing them to sunlight will actually kill them. Start by exposing the infested structures to sunlight. You should also consider clearing out covering vegetation around the areas the subterranean colony has been built. It will be more effective to dig up the target section in order to expose the colony to sunlight.

When dealing with furniture, consider airing the pieces outside in bright sunlight on a hot day. This is a solution in termite control Long Beach that will help kill off these creatures without using any chemical.

Eliminate moisture
Considering they have a weak body, termites love areas that have high humidity. It is in such areas that termites thrive. The first piece of advice a termite company Long Beach will give you is to ensure that your house is kept dry. Areas with high moisture need to be repaired. Start by fixing leaky plumbing and use dehumidifiers in high humidity areas like the basement and bathrooms. Ensure the drains work properly will also help with moisture management. You also have to look around your house and drain water pools and fix water leakages. When the air is dry, termites will either relocate or die.

Use parasitic nematodes
These are tiny worms that feed on microscopic creatures like fungi and bacteria. There are certain groups of these nematodes that are known to feed on small insects like termites. You can consult termite companies Long Beach for help on this. Introducing these predators in the termite colony will help combat the termite problem effectively. This is a great solution when dealing with stubborn infestations.

Use botanical treatments
Orange oil can help kill termites. This is because it has d-limonene active compound which harms termites. The solution works best on dry wood termites. You can also use Neem oil in outdoor treatments. Repeat the application several times when using botanical treatments.

Use borates
Borax powder is very effective when dealing with termites. This is sodium borate which helps with natural termite control Long Beach. Solutions of sodium borate can be used on subterranean termites.

These natural solutions will help you supplement the treatments used by termite companies Long Beach. The best thing about these solutions is that they are harmless to your household.

Termite control Long Beach

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