Termite Control Long Beach – Prevention Tips to Use in Termite Control Long Beach

Termite control Long Beach is definitely not something you should postpone. This is bearing to the statistics which show that in the United States alone, the losses related to termite damage are in the billions of dollars every year. Acting fast is the key to avoid massive losses. In this post, however, we will be focusing more on prevention. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Deal with high moisture
Most termites prefer areas with high humidity. This is the main reason why they live underground and remain hidden at all times. High moisture levels in the house can lure more termites in. The first step when dealing with termites is to manage the moisture levels. Start by fixing leaky plumbing, draining water from around the house and also trimming the grass in your backyard. You should also consider using dehumidifiers in areas with high moisture levels such as the basement and bathroom. When the moisture levels are low, you will be able to effectively repel termites. Tackling the moisture problem is the first thing a termite company Long Beach will recommend you to do.

Replace weather stripping
As aforementioned, termites create their nests underground. This is because this is where they are well protected from dry air and sunlight. However, if they have easy access to your home, they will move in using tunnels. When dealing with termites, you ought to consider inspecting the weather stripping as well as loose mortar around the basement foundation and windows. If they are damaged, a termite problem will not be too far behind.

Inspect regularly
Regularly inspecting your property for termite problems will be very useful when dealing with termites. You will mostly not learn of a termite problem until the infestation gets out of hand. Working with termite companies Long Beach to help with regular inspections will help a lot. You need to monitor the exterior areas of all wooden structures, inspect the foundations for signs of mud tubes and also check for bubbling or uneven paint. The sooner you learn of a termite problem the better.

Place firewood far away
Last but not least, when you are dealing with termites, you have to note that firewood can offer a great nesting place. Firewood needs to be stored far from the house and in an elevated position. This will help repel these pests further.

Termite control Long Beach is best left to the professionals. The reason for this is because controlling the termites you see and failing to destroy the nest will lead to temporary results. Consider working with a licensed professional when dealing with termites.

Termite control Long Beach

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