What are Ticks?

Pest control companies Long Beach understand how discomforting a tick infestation can be. This is why they offer speedy services for the same. But what are ticks and why and how do they get into human dwelling?

Ticks are arachnids that belong to the Ixodida order. They have eight legs and their body is divided into two; the head and the body. The head is small. Ticks are detested because they are external parasites that feed on blood. They rely on the blood of mammals, birds and can at times turn on amphibians and reptiles. At home, these pests will mostly take on livestock and pets. One reason that makes pest control Long Beach necessarily when it comes to ticks is because they are vectors of several diseases such as Lyme disease, Q fever, Colorado tick fever and a range of other fevers.

Ticks are widely distributed in the world. All in all, they prefer warmer areas. With Long Beach being considerably warm, the infestation is high. The ticks love the warm and humid climate. This is for the simple reason that they need moisture to complete the process of metamorphosis. Temperatures that are low will inhibit the development of the egg to larva.

If you are considering pest control Long Beach, you need to focus more on the favored breeding grounds. The ideal ecosystem for the ticks needs to have a high population of the host spices. The area should also be humid and warm. The house offers all of the primary requirements of an ideal breeding ground. The risk of an infestation is higher when you have pets or livestock. Ticks are more attracted to dogs. The first step in the control of ticks is hence to keep your pet and his house clean.

Feeding habits
Ticks live on a blood diet. This is a practice that is known as hematophagy. Ticks make a hole through the epidermis of their host and insert their hypostome. It is believed that they also inject anticoagulant into the host to keep blood from clotting.

Why is speedy tick removal necessary?
There is a good reason why pest control companies Long Beach act fast when they are up against ticks. One of the reasons why exterminators act fast is because ticks spread diseases. Second, if left untreated, the problem will get worse fast since ticks reproduce pretty fast. A female tick will lay up to 30,000 eggs. Third, the blood sucking habit of ticks weakens the host.

Control of ticks
Maintaining cleanliness is the best solution when you are up against ticks. Keep your pet and his bedding clean. Your house should also be cleaned regularly. Taking pets to the vet regularly for checkups will further help combat the problem.

The use of pesticides will also be necessarily when it comes to pest control Long Beach. However, you need to understand that not every product out there is safe. Last but not least, when push comes to shove, you should hire pest control companies Long Beach. They have the knowledge and the tools needed to get rid of the pest problem.

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