What are Carpet Beetles?

Pest control Long Beach often involves the control of carpet beetles. These are very common house pests which make significant damages to fabric and can also contaminate food. Naturally, these pests occur outdoors prior to crawling into human dwellings. The main entry points are holes, cracks and doors and windows that don’t have good screens. These are very tiny creatures and will creep into your house through the tiniest of spaces.

When dealing with carpet beetles, pest control companies Long Beach usually start by identifying the group in which the specific pest belongs. There are two main groups: the black carpet beetles & varied and the common & furniture carpet beetles. The black carpet beetles are black and have an oblong shape. They measure between 1/8 to 3/16 inches in length. The carpet beetles undergo a complete metamorphosis: egg, larva, pupae and adult. The larva is usually hairy and striped. It is either white or tan in color.

When conducting an inspection for the carpet beetles, inspectors search mainly for the larvae or the skin of the larvae. Most of the damages are caused by the larvae.

Finding evidence
Pest control companies Long Beach cannot start the control until they are sure of what they are up against. Finding evidence of an infestation is hence the first thing they will do. The evidence of an infestation is usually found in damages that are caused on clothes, animal hides, hair, fur and carpet. The pest will also feed on the fur of dead rodents.

When the infestation is extreme, you will find the larvae crawling on the surface. The larvae will also make irregular holes on fabrics. They will rarely touch the base threads. You will also be able to see beetles flying around. If this is the case, then you have a serious infestation of carpet beetles in your house.

Treating the problem
When left untreated, the carpet beetle can cause unimaginable damages. The first step to treating the problem is keeping the house clean. Clean the house and all fabrics. This will help eliminate the tiny eggs before they develop to the larvae stage. You should also vacuum the house occasionally. If fabrics have been affected severely, throw them away.

Sealing the entryways is yet another great method you can use in pest control Long Beach. Preventing the entry of carpet beetles is the key to effectively controlling the infestation. Make sure that the holes and cracks are sealed and the door and window screens are sealed.

Insecticides should also not be ignored. There are so many products you can choose from. Make sure you review the product first and seek expert advice before you bring it home.

Getting rid of carpet beetles can be tricky. This is why if you need great results you should work with pest control companies Long Beach. They have the experience; professional training and access to more potent products that will help treat the problem effectively.

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