What You Need to Do in Hornet Removal

Pest control companies Long Beach should always be contacted when you are dealing with hornets. Even so, it does not hurt to learn a thing or two on hornet removal. The purpose of this post is to educate you on the different methods that you can use to rid your home of these dangerous insects.

Have the right protective equipment
Before you start controlling these creatures, you need to start by learning more about them. Hornets are social wasps that live in colonies. They have a tendency of working together more so when it comes to the protection of their nest. When it comes to pest control Long Beach, you need to start by wearing the right protective equipment. This will help avoid painful stings which can even cause serious allergic reactions in some people. You should wear a long-sleeved shirt, bee hat, coveralls, eye wear and gloves.

Don’t stand under the nest
The entrance of the hornet’s nest is at the bottom. If you want to use insecticides, avoid using it while standing directly at the bottom of the nest. Most of the products that are available in the market will cause hornets to leave their nest. They do so to protect it. If you are standing beneath the nest, you risk being stung by the agitated wasps. You should use the spray products from a safe distance from the nest.

Remove at nigh
Hornets are the most dormant at night. This is the best time to remove them. In addition to that, during the day, most of the hornets will not be in the nest. They will be away from the nest searching for food. This simply means working at night will not help destroy all the insects. At night, the workers are with the queen and are less aggressive. Even so, pest control companies Long Beach will still recommend that you use the right protective gear.

Don’t shine the light directly on the nest. This will spook the insects and case them to defend their nest aggressively. Illuminate the nest indirectly when removing the wasps.

Hire an exterminator
The above tips will help with the removal of hornets from your home. However, if you feel you are ill equipped to combat the pest problem, you should consider working with an expert in pest control Long Beach. Working with an expert guarantees safety while at the same time saves you both time and money. Exterminators have access to more potent pesticides that you will not be able to access without a permit. Last but not least, working with an exterminator guarantees you of long lasting results.

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