Tips on Gopher Control

Pest control Long Beach is often focused on the control of gophers or moles. These are rodents that can make your backyard a living hell. They leave piles of soil in the yard and make the ground weak. They will also damage your garden significantly as they chew through roots. They also chew through pipes and underground pipes. Combating the problem as soon as you notice it is important. There are several things you can do in gopher control.

The first thing even the most experienced pest control companies Long Beach will do is to understand the pests. Your problem might not be caused by the gopher. It could be caused by ants. In this case, you will need termite control Long Beach. Being burrowing rodents, gophers are hidden from sight most of the time. They have fur-lined cheek pouches that can be turned inside out. The use of the pouches is to carry food. They have large claws and a small head and ears. In length, these creatures are about 10 inches.

Gophers occupy a very large area. You will find them in coastal regions or in altitudes of up to 12,000 feet. These pests love the light-textured soil which has vegetation. If you have fleshy roots, tuber vegetation or bulbs, you have a higher risk of dealing with gophers.

Gophers feed on plants. They can go above ground and feed on vegetation or go underground and feed on the plant roots. They also have a tendency of pulling plants into their tunnels. Their feeding and burrowing habits are what make them an unwanted guest in the backyard. You have to seek help in pest control Long Beach as soon as you can. There are a few tips you can use in gopher control.

Use repellents
There are no registered repellents for the gophers. A granular formulation of moth crystals has been known to work effectively in repelling these rodents. Noise will also help deter the settling of these creatures in your backyard. Noise making devices or plants can be used.

Poisons should not be ignored when it comes to the control of gophers. Place baits inside the gopher tunnels. You also need to follow the instructions keenly.

When the soil is moist, pest control companies Long Beach will often use fumigants. The common fumigants that are federally registered include carbon disulfide, aluminum phosphide, carbon tetrachloride and many gas cartridges. Fumigants should be used with care.

Traps do not pollute the environment and are effective in the elimination of gophers. Place the trap in the main runway of the gopher.

Work with exterminators
If you need rapid results or if your efforts are not bearing any results, you should consider working with pest control companies Long Beach. They have the training, the knowledge and the tools needed to combat the pest problem efficiently.

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