How to Get Rid of Firebrat

Pest control companies Long Beach also refer to the firebrats as bristletails. These are primitive insects that have no wings and grow up to ½ inch in length. They are related to the silverfish. As a result, people mistake these insects for each other. However, due to their close relationship, the method used in silverfish control is also the method used in the control of firebrats.

Identifying firebrats
As mentioned earlier, the firebrats resemble the silverfish. Their body color is somewhat orange gray with bands on its body. The insect also has scales on its body. To effectively handle pest control Long Beach, it is imperative that you understand the pest you are up against. The use of wrong pesticides or strategies can worsen the condition.

How get rid of the insects
One thing you will notice with the firebrats is that they are very creepy. Not many people can stand their sight. However, before you run to the stores to purchase a pesticide, it is imperative that you learn how to prevent the pest problem. This is the only way you will be able to get rid of these creatures effectively.

Keep firebrats out
Firebrats get into your living space from outside. You first step needs to be covering all the entryways. Start with the windows and make sure both the windows and doors have working screens. All the cracks and holes should also be sealed. Focus more on the gaps in the vents, cables and pipes.

Starve them
The fastest way of forcing creatures out of your house is to starve them. The case is the same when dealing with firebrats. These are tiny insects that feed on almost anything. You should, however, not that these pests can go for months without food. All in all, eliminating all the sources of food in the house will cause these pests to search for food elsewhere. Firebrats feed mostly on dead insects, grains, natural clothe fiber, books, meat, and cardboard. Keeping the house well organized and sparkling clean will help repel these insects. Don’t forget to dust the shelves regularly.

Dry the house
The first thing you will hear from pest control companies Long Beach is that firebrats love humid areas. To get rid of these insects, you should strive to keep the house as dry as possible. Invest in fans and dehumidifiers. Focus more on the warmer areas such as the furnace room. All leaky pipes should be fixed. Reducing the level of humidity in the house further reduces the growth of fungi and mold; which are great sources of food for the firebrats.

Vacuum clean
Vacuuming your house will help suck out these tiny insects as well as eliminate tiny foo particles.

Use commercial products
Hornet control products will help with the control of firebrats. They will kill and repel firebrats.

Hire an exterminator
There are times when the problem doesn’t seem to go away. If this is the case, you need help from an expert in pest control Long Beach. An exterminator will save you time and money while at the same time guarantee remarkable results.

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